Mary Whiteside, Ph.D.

Mary F. Whiteside is a family therapist, consultant, and mediator. She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Michigan and served as a faculty member there for ten years.  She has had an independent practice of consultation and therapy since 1977 and an independent practice of mediation and consultation since 1983.

Dr. Whiteside is a psychologist whose interests are diverse. She was a charter member of the American Family Therapy Academy, she is an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Family Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution, a Fellow of the Michigan Psychological Association, and a Fellow of the Family Firm Institute.  She maintains a general clinical practice of family, marital, and individual therapy.  As a facilitative mediator she works with families of all levels of conflict to develop constructive separation and divorce agreements.  In her consultation practice she works with family firms to develop effective communication across and between generations.  She works with Family Councils to coordinate family/business mission statements, and to set goals and guidelines for family career development, compensation, and ownership.  She facilitates family strategic planning through family meetings and encourages the development of skills in building consensus and the learning of constructive problem solving techniques.

Dr. Whiteside is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Family Firm Institute.  Her publications and presentations in the family business field reflect her commitment to bring a perspective which honors the complexity of the interweaving of family and business relationships and which brings out the best of both. She is the author of How Families Work Together, volume 4 of the Family Business Leadership series, and has contributed significantly to the introduction of family systems concepts to the family business field.

Dr. Whiteside was a founding Board member of the Collaborative Practice Institute of Michigan. She has written extensively about families experiencing divorce and remarriage.   In 1994 she completed a comprehensive review of the empirical literature looking at post-divorce parenting arrangements for children age 5 and younger for the Judicial Council of California.

Dr. Whiteside participates with BCBS PPO, MESSA, and Medicare.

Dr. Whiteside is currently not accepting new clients.