Child & Adolescent Services

Ann Arbor Center for the Family has a longstanding tradition of helping young people and their families with a wide variety of problems and concerns.  Our clinicians treat children and adolescents of all ages, from infants and toddlers through young adulthood. We work with children and adolescents across the spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

We offer treatment for a full range of developmental issues and parenting concerns.  Common issues that are addressed in treatment include sleep difficulties, bedwetting and toileting issues, inattention, temper tantrums, and defiance; attachment issues; separation anxiety and other fears; school problems and learning disabilities; depression and anxiety; family conflicts; substance use and abuse; eating disorders; self-injurious behavior; reactions to divorce, loss, traumatic experiences, adoption, or chronic medical disorders; developmental disabilities; and other emotional and developmental concerns in children and adolescents.  We also offer parent guidance and behavior management skill training.

We believe in working collaboratively with families around recognizing their strengths and resources and facing their challenges. Because it is important to understand children within the context of their lives, we often work directly with schools, pediatricians, and other providers and organizations. 

Often a combination of treatments is appropriate, including individual therapy with a child or adolescent, family therapy, parent counseling, and school consultation.  Individual therapy may include cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, psychodynamic, play therapy, or EMDR approaches.  Each therapist explores with each family what kinds of services fit best.

Affiliated Professionals:

  • Emily Abbenante-Honold, Ph.D.
  • Naomi Alcaine, Ph.D.
  • Manal Assi, M.D.
  • Dan DeSena, LMSW
  • Douglas Ensor, Ph.D.
  • Joy Wolfe Ensor, Ph.D.
  • Paul Estenson, Ph.D.
  • Gabrielle Gruber, LMSW
  • Hilda Halabu, Ph.D.
  • Moira Hubbard, Psy.D.
  • Lori Lichtman, Psy.D.
  • Eileen Mollen, Ph.D.
  • Andrew Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.
  • Ellen Barahal Taylor, Ph.D.