Consultation to Family-Owned Businesses

When families are in business together issues may arise around family concerns, business management concerns, and ownership concerns. Many times these issues overlap and confuse one another.

  • Problems among family members affect business decisions and employee morale.
  • Tight times in the business put strain on the family and can lead to concerns about productivity, accountability, and commitment.
  • Family members are affected even when they do not work in the business.

When there is stress it can be very helpful to bring in an outside, neutral – but knowledgeable – consultant to facilitate constructive conversations and problem solving.  The consultation process can include individual interviews, conversations with subgroups or the whole family group.  The particular plan is tailored to the unique circumstances of each family.  The goal is to facilitate constructive communication and problem solving in both the family and the business spheres.

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Affiliated Professionals:

  • Emily Abbenante-Honold, Ph.D.
  • Andrew Orosan-Weine, Ph.D.